nEast Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought the full app from the market, but I still have the lite version. How do I get the activation code to activate it?

You don't need to activate the lite app. Activation is for users who bought the old version. You need to uninstall the lite version you have and download the full app you've bought from the market instead.

I don't want the app anymore, how can I receive a refund for the app?

Normally we do not give refunds because the app has a free version for users to try before buying. However, if you have a valid reason, you can contact us via email, and explain your reasons.

I have the paid version installed, but it tells me that the app is not licensed when I launch the app. What should I do?

The app needs to check the validity of your license on the first time you launch the app. For this, you need an active Internet connection. However, this check will not be performed every time you launch the app, but every once in a while.